Sustainability at the heart of everything we do

Sustainability is a core value at James Cropper, and also an area of expertise.


James Cropper is an active investor in low-carbon energy solutions and is committed to ISO50001 energy management standards encompassing a highly efficient combined heat and power plant, investment on hydro and solar energy, and heat exchange and recovery systems in processing.

The hydroelectric facility and solar array will reduce CO2 emissions by a total of 3.59 million kg over the next 20 years.


Water for production is drawn from the fast-flowing River Kent. The river is classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest as it supports a flourishing population of rare white-clawed crayfish and fresh water mussels. Both species being signifiers of water purity.

Production processes focus on recycling and maximising the return of clean safe water to the catchment.


Across the business raw materials are reused and recycled where possible.

Fibre recovered from our de-watering plant is approved by the Environment Agency for land-spreading on local farms..

Our unique CupCyclingTM facility is a great example of how we derive value from waste.

Anything that cannot be recycled on-site, is collected by Cumbria Waste, of this 87% is recycled and 13% goes to refuse derived fuel.